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Quickly go mobile, leverage our dataset of 17M healthcare profiles and engage with candidates through a chat-based recruitment SaaS platform 

Empowering agencies by providing them best of breed technologies for recruitment and staffing


Becoming more digital and more agile is critical, especially during this Covid-19 context. 


Go mobile or go home! Offering a rich experience for candidates is fundamental. 


Candidates prefer platforms to engage on their terms.


Developing your own platform is costly, risky and lengthy. Go now, Go SaaS.

A platform perfect for small and mid-size agencies
Offers great capabilities for a monthly subscription

A platform designed to engage with candidates on their terms

Easily publish jobs (automated for mass volume) with chat rooms for interacting and sharing documents, with easy access to job and candidate information.


Provide a rich experience for candidates, with Smart Match,  chat rooms, alerts and personalized messages.

Build a strong healthcare community of prospective and engaged candidates.


“It's user-friendly and results-oriented. And smart! All of the jobs that I’m offered are relevant to my personal goals. I can pause my profile or chat directly with recruiters on my mobile phone.” - Sophie R. ICU Nurse 

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Delight candidates - Accelerate hiring with a personalized and mobile approach​​

Engage with candidates on their terms with your off the shelve web app and SMS.

Attract talents and keep them engaged with more live chats, fewer phone calls or bots.

The platform quickly identifies qualified candidates with our AI-powered Smart Match technology.

Candidates love the flexibility of self-serve job boards. They can also promote your jobs on social media.

Boost your recruitment marketing journey

Provide an engaging and rich experience to your candidates by leveraging email and SMS campaigns.

Improve your career website by leveraging our SaaS platform.
Build a steady pipeline of applicants to staff vacant positions.

Leverage our dataset of 17.7M healthcare profiles in your recruitment campaigns.

d585aafb-screenshot-64_10ji0ls000000000000028.png is powered by Rekruti's SaaS platform

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Power up your candidate data

Enrich and dust off your candidate database with our dataset of 17.7M healthcare professionals.

Get updated insights such as location, education and career path.

Re-engage with potential candidates using the power of our AI Smart Match technology.

Key benefits of using Rekruti

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About Us

While working closely with healthcare staffing agencies, we realized that sourcing and recruiting candidates demanded intensive human capital and that digital sourcing was uncharted territory. Lacking data-driven algorithms, sourcing and recruiting have become time-consuming and mired in guesswork and much trial and error.  

We built our recruitment SaaS platform to bring sourcing and recruiting into the digital world. With the single largest dataset of 17.7 M healthcare profiles and proprietary Smart Match technology, we can instantaneously source hundreds of qualified candidates, launch campaigns to advertise your jobs and allow you to engage with candidates on their terms.

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